PPRC joins Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights to Mark the Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s Death, Emphasize Need for Investigation.

Event: Event: PPRC and Americans United for Palesinian Human Rights Mark Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s Death in Gaza, Emphasize Need for Investigation.
Date: Friday, March 12th, 2004
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Place: Pioneer Courthouse Square

At this Friday’s 5:00 p.m. rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square, the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be joined by Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights (AUPHR) to mark the one year anniversary of the death of American-born human rights activist, Rachel Corrie. "On the first anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death in a Palestinian refugee camp in Rafah, Gaza, the rights she died for are now more under attack than ever before," said Nancy Hedric, volunteer with AUPHR who has recently returned from travel in the Occupied Territories and other regions of the Middle East.

Rachel Corrie, a young college student from Evergreen College in Olympia, was killed by an Israeli military bulldozer while protesting home demolitions. "The right to stable housing is nowhere safe in the Occupied Territories, but especially not in the Rafah refugee camp," said Hedrick. The UN Refugee relief agency (UNRWA) estimates that 600 Palestinians have been left homeless in recent months. In partnership, the PPRC and AUPHR are calling on the Oregon congressional delegation to support House Concurrent Resolution 111, calling for a full investigation into Rachel Corrie's death.

From her recent travels, Hedric drew attention to the so-called "separation wall", calling it one of the most serious obstacles to peace in the region. "In the West Bank, the human rights situation of Palestinians is more compromised than ever before with the construction of the apartheid wall," said Hedrick. "Along with the checkpoints, the road blocks, the curfews and closures, the wall is strangling Palestinian communities, making it harder and harder for the people to reach their work, health care, school, and even food supplies." Hedrick said that Palestinian farmers have been cut off from their lands or water systems, and says that the building of the wall deep within the West Bank has amounted to outright land theft. The UN and NGO's report that it is difficult to get relief food supplies to communities isolated by the wall. "In spite of all this, some of our Congress think that they need a resolution to support the wall," said Hedrick. She said that AUPHR has joined with a national call for peace organizations to oppose this resolution (House Concurrent Resolution 371).

UNRWA has condemned the house demolitions and the building of the wall. The UN General Assembly has called on the International Court of Justice to deliberate on the legality of the wall. PPRC and AUPHR call on Congress to stop financial support sent to the Israeli government until there is a halt to the building of the apartheid wall and an end to the occupation.

Reference: http://www.palestine-pmc.com/details.asp?cat=1&id=1194 www.endtheoccupation.org

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