Local protest planned for Dick Cheney’s latest Republican fundraiser, war profiteering, energy policy ENRON corruptions, environment are among the top issues

Event: Local Protest to Meet Cheney’s Latest Portland Fundraising Visit
Date: Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
Time: 4:30 p.m.
Place: Embassy Suites Hotel, 7900 NE 82nd

Local environmental and peace and justice activists will be gathering at the Embassy Suites Hotel to protest the latest visit to Portland by Republican fundraiser, Dick Cheney. "Judging from the revelations of former Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neill, Cheney is responsible for the most corrupt and criminal policies of the current administration," said Will Seaman, a local organizer with the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition. "He’s still getting regular pay checks from Halliburton - the prime war profiteering corporation in Iraq - and remains a stockholder, and he was at the center of formulating this administration’s energy policy in the interest of ENRON and the other energy corporations that bought the presidency for Bush and his crony capitalist pals." As in previous visits to Portland, today’s protests will reflect a broad range of dissent from Bush Administration policies, from the environment and energy policy, to the war and occupation in Iraq.

"This week saw even more evidence come to light that the Bush Administration ’s war on Iraq had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction or with making the country safe against terror," said Seaman. "This criminal war was planned from the beginning of this corrupt administration, and we need only look to who is profiting to understand the true motives of people like Dick Cheney."1 Seaman cited the multi-billion dollar no-bid contracts that have gone to Halliburton and the advanced discussions of Iraqi oil fields that took place well before the 9-11 attacks, reported by Paul O’Neill, as indications of the more likely incentives for Bush’s plans for war. "And we should emphasize that the man visiting Portland today is a leader, if not the key leader, in formulating and implementing these policies," said Seaman. "And the costs have been hundreds of US soldiers killed, thousands injured, tens of thousands of Iraqis killed and injured, a country devastated, no exit strategy, and no end in sight."

1. "Bush was demanding excuse to invade Iraq in January 2001, says ex-treasury secretary", Andrew Gumbel, in Los Angeles, 12 January 2004, Independent (UK); "Bush decided to remove Saddam 'on day one'", Julian Borger in Washington, January 12, 2004, The Guardian (UK); "Bush Sought to Oust Hussein From Start, Ex-Official Says", Richard W. Stevenson, January 12, 2004, New York Times.

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