The Only Option that Israel and the United States Have Left Us.

Saturday, September 22nd
7:00 PM, Eliot Chapel
First Unitarian Church
SW 12th & Salmon
Portland, Oregon

Fundraiser Reception
& Silent Auction
Meet the Speaker!
5:30 PM, Rooms 302B-303B in the Buchan Building
First Unitarian Church

Download flyer with color photo: Halper Flyer 1.

Download flyer with black & white photo: Halper Flyer 2.

Download color flyer with color photo: Halper Flyer 3.

To find out more, please visit the Jewish Voice for Peace - Portland website by clicking >>>HERE.

OCCUPY AIPAC! No War With Iran! Action at AIPAC Fundraiser Dinner April 29th!

WHERE: The AIPAC fundraiser dinner will be held at the Mittelman Jewish Community Center, 6651 SW Capitol Highway in Hillsdale. The protest will take place outside the entrance to the parking lot.

WHEN: 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 29th

facebook event page:!/events/207196606050041/

A coalition of peace, human rights, and Palestine solidarity organizations will hold a demonstration outside the annual Oregon fundraiser dinner of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at 4:00pm on Sunday, April 29th. The demonstration will protest AIPAC’s role in promoting a military attack on Iran. The protest is also calling for an end to U.S. military aid to the Israeli apartheid government, which refuses to halt the construction of illegal settlements and routinely violates the human rights of Palestinians living under Occupation. Israel controls the lives of more than 4 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and denies them the right to vote or to exercise their right to self-determination.

ACTION: War $$ Home Resolution before the Multnomah County Commissioners!

The Portland City Council passed the War $$ Home resolution on January 12th ... NOW IT'S TIME FOR THE MULTNOMAH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS TO DO THEIR PART!

Your help is needed to make our voices heard so our County Commissioners know that we, the people of Multnomah County, want our tax dollars spent wisely for people's needs, not to feed the war machine ... HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP:

1. Read the DRAFT resolution linked here:

2. Write a letter or call each of the Multnomah County Commissioners stating your support of this resolution. A sample letter is below; here are the names and contact information for each of the Commissioners. It's easy ... just cut-and-paste their email addresses onto your letter.

Jeff Cogen, County Chair

Deborah Kafoury, District 1

Loretta Smith, District 2

Judy Shiprack, District 3

Diane McKeel, District 4

But wait! There's more!

ACTION: Jan. 12th, 2PM - City Council Resolution on the Wars! Bring the soldiers, and the War $, HOME NOW!

The hearing for the War $ Home Resolution has been set for 2:00PM on Thursday, January 12th. To find out what you can do, please visit the Portland Peace & Justice Works action page by clicking >>>HERE.

Click on the image below to see the draft resolution as released by the Mayor's office:

Forced Eviction is the wrong path, Mayor Adams!

The following petition has been sent out by the Oregon Working Families Party. PPRC's earlier open letter to the Mayor is appended below. Please circulate widely!

Open Letter to Mayor Sam Adams and Police Chief Michael Reese,

As members of the Portland community, we urge you to take a more constructive approach toward the Occupy Portland encampment than the inevitably conflictual eviction effort you have threatened. We want to stress that we do not speak for Occupy Portland but as part of the 99% who very much appreciate the megaphone Occupy Portland has given to the issues we all care about.

We understand that cooperation between the Occupy Portland community and the Portland police has been generally productive and respectful to date and we don't see why that can't continue. While it is true there have been some problems at the camp with drugs and property damage, those problems beset the City at all times, and in fact the people in the Occupy encampment have been, by your own accounts, helpful in dealing with those problems.

We believe that those problems you worry about at the Occupy Portland encampment reflect the tremendous income disparity and lack of social services, mental health services, and affordable housing, that the Occupy Wall Street movement has so effectively brought to the fore. Rather than sweep the encampment, homelessness, and income disparity out of sight once again, the City of Portland should adopt concrete measures to address some of those concerns.

We ask that you begin by looking publicly at the disparity in spending by the City on the needs of the 1% versus the 99%. Perhaps we could use some of those buildings the City and the Portland Development Commission subsidized which are now laying vacant or partially vacant due to the economic crash to provide housing, social services, and gathering places for the homeless and near homeless of this City. For the many veterans among them, we could provide counseling, health care, a chance at community somewhere other than under a bridge in the cold and rain. We could commit to training for our police on nonviolent interactions with the homeless and mentally ill and on issues of racial profiling.

There are many steps you and the City Council could take, concrete steps, not just rhetoric, that would show good faith. We need positive action not eviction!

Respectfully yours,

GET ON THE BRIDGE - November 17th - We Declare a State of ECONOMIC EMERGENCY for the 99%!

What day: Thursday, November 17th
What time: 8:00AM
WHERE: Steel Bridge

For more details, to download a flyer, and to sign up to volunteer, please visit the SEIU Local 503's event page by clicking >>>HERE or on the image below!

On Nov. 17th, we will declare an economic emergency for the 99%:

• 25 million Americans are looking for work, but Congress won’t pass a jobs bill
• Super-Committee budget cuts could kill millions more jobs
• This economy works for the richest 1%, not the 99%

The Steel Bridge is structurally deficient and in need of repair. This is work that needs doing, even while thousands in Portland are unemployed!

3,500 rally and march for peace in Portland!

REPORT BACK: 3500 march for peace and economic justice on October 15th in Portland.


Saturday saw what was no doubt the largest Portland antiwar march at least since 2008-- a fair estimate is 3500 people as we had at least 5 loosely packed blocks. After we'd left the South Park Blocks, headed down Salmon St to 1st Ave, then headed back up Main St, you could see the tail end of the march across 3rd Av still coming down Salmon. The turnout was no doubt bolstered by the solidarity between the peace march organizers and the Occupy Portland movement, which brought in a good chunk of the crowd with a feeder march from their encampment before the rally began at 1 PM.

ACTION 1:00PM, Saturday, October 15th >> 10 Years in Afghanistan: End the Wars-Bring Our $$ Home!

South Park Blocks, downtown Portland

Self Determination for the Middle East

End Militarism

Money for Jobs & Health Care

Protect Human & Civil Rights

For more details, to download a flyer, and to sign up to volunteer, please visit the Peace & Justice Works event page by clicking >>>HERE or on the image below!

Afghan Child with American Soldier (Photograph by: Zohra Bensemra, Reuters)

Rally for Peace: 1:00 PM
South Park Blocks at Salmon, downtown Portland

Peace March: 1:30 PM

Forum: 2:30 PM
First Unitarian Church
SW 12th & Salmon, downtown Portland

September 11 Peace Memorial: Reflect, Mourn, Take Action for a Peace and Justice!

Iraqi Child

September 11 Peace Memorial: Reflect, Mourn, Take Action for a More Peaceful World
Sunday, September 11, 2011 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Lownsdale Square, SW 4th and Salmon, Portland, Oregon

As the nation gears up to remember September 11, 2001, Peace and Justice Works and other community groups are planning peace memorial commemorating ten years since 9/11, to remember all those who died that day and in since that day in wars and due to related policies. The event will be held Sunday, September 11, 2011 from 2:00 to 3:00 PM at Lownsdale Square, SW 4th and Salmon.

Support the City Council Initiative! Portland Says: Bring Our War $$ Home!

Several local peace groups have come together to ask City Council to pass a resolution calling on Congress to "Bring our war $$ home." The original idea grew from grassroots movements in Maine and elsewhere, that culminated in the passage of a resolution by the US Conference of Mayors in June, which Portland's Mayor, Sam Adams, supported. (The resolution was introduced by Eugene, OR, Mayor Kitty Piercy.)

This local effort was launched at the Hiroshima Day event on August 7. Our goal? Get the Portland City Council to pass a resolution by early October!

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