Protest the Murderous Israeli Assault on Humanitarian Aid Ships!

"I feel as though I was on those ships and as though I'm in Gaza being slowly strangled, and my heart is pained right now, pounding 'justice, justice, thou shall pursue,' said Ned Roach, a volunteer with Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights. "It is past time for the United States to look seriously at the unconditional support that this country gives to the state of Israel."

The attack on the humanitarian aid ships has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 activists on the ships, and the wounding of many others. The assault has been condemned internationally and has once again put the spotlight on Israel's illegal blockade of Gaza and on Israel's consistent use of violence against civilians.

"We are calling on all people who care about bringing an end to this tragic conflict to contact their representatives in Washington, DC, to demand an investigation, to demand an end to US support for these criminal policies by the Israeli military, to demand an even-handed approach to initiate a genuine effort to find a just peace for the people of Palestine and Israel," said William Seaman, a volunteer with Portland Peaceful Response Coalition. "Our country, the United States, funds and provides cover for the worst excesses of the Israeli military, and our country can do the most to bring an end to these crimes."

For more information, please contact the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition at 503-344-5078.

STATEMENT BY Portland Peaceful Response Coalition:

The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition strongly condemns the Israeli military assault on the civilian ships attempting to bring humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. The Israeli assault has led to the deaths of up to 19 international activists (the lowest estimate is that there were 10 fatalities), along with injuries to many others aboard the vessel that was attacked. This attack occurred in international waters and thus appears to be consistent with Israel's long-standing policy of gross violations of human rights, war crimes and indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition again demands an end to United States military aid to Israel until there is an end to the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land in the West Bank and an end to the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza; the illegal Israeli occupation is the root cause and the fundamental underlying injustice that fuels this conflict. There must be a vigorous response from the Obama Administration and from the United States Congress condemning this brazen act of aggression against a civilian humanitarian mission attempting nonviolent defiance of the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those killed by the Israeli military assault and we send our hopes for speedy and complete recovery to those wounded. We send our deepest condolences and hopes that their sacrifices will bring the attention and compassion needed finally progress towards a lasting, just, peaceful resolution to this decades-old conflict.

The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition calls on all people of Oregon and Washington to immediately contact the United States Mission to the United Nations at 212-415-4062 to demand that the US Ambassador the United Nations, Susan Rice, vote to support a UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel's action and initiating a thorough and impartial investigation.

In addition, PPRC is asking Oregonians and Washingtonians to contact their representatives in Congress and Obama Administration to demand a vigorous response condemning the Israeli assault and initiating a Congressional investigation into the incident. Contacts for the Oregon representatives can be found at the PPRC website at

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