END THE KILLER DRONE WARS! Action Against Extrajudicial Drone Killings! Friday, May 21st!

Click on the above image for more information about the use of drones in the US wars in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

WEEKLY FRIDAY RALLY TELLS US TO "END KILLER DRONE WARS" IN PAKISTAN AND THE MIDDLE EAST Friday, May 21, 2010, 5 PM Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW Yamhill and Broadway.

This Friday, May 21, Portland's weekly rally for peace and justice will call upon the United States to "End Killer Drone Wars" in Pakistan and the middle east. The rally, which has been organized by Portland Peaceful Response Coalition every week at Pioneer Courthouse Square at 5:00 PM since November, 2001, will feature short speeches addressing the U.S.' increasing use of unmanned planes to target suspected so-called "terrorists," killing hundreds of civilians and causing Post Traumatic Stress in the people who operate the planes remotely in America. The rally is also to promote a talk by an expert on "robotic warfare" speaking that same night in Portland.

On May 8, the Asia Times reported that President Obama essentially declared war on Pakistan by giving the Central Intelligence Agency, which runs the drone program, authority to go after "low-level combatants...even if their identities are not known" (US takes the war into Pakistan.)

A report by the New America Foundation estimates that civilians make up one out of three people killed by the drones since President George W Bush began using them in 2004--a total of over 300. The study says "militants" make up 549 to 849 of 834 to 1,216 of those who died, meaning civilian deaths are between 285 and 367 (One out of three killed by drones is a civilian, says study--Dawn, March 2, 2010.)

Concerned Portlanders will also be out objecting to President Obama's callous joking about using Predator drones to protect his daughters from pop stars at the White House Correspondents' dinner on May 1 (Did You Hear the Joke About the Predator Drone That Bombed?--Alternet, May 5 .)

Those wishing to learn more can attend an event later Friday night at the Peace House, 2116 NE 18th, featuring Peter Lumsdaine of ARROWS--the Alliance to Resist Robotic Warfare and Society. Lumsdaine's talk begins at 7 PM. He will be talking about robotic technology, the implications for modern wars and for civilian social control. Lumsdaine spoke on these topics at a recent conference in Hood River organized by the Columbia River Fellowship for Peace. A resident of Eastern Washington, Lumsdaine is also knowledgeable about commercial and military facilities in the northwest which make or distribute these technologies.

For information on Lumsdaine's talk, call Ann Huntwork of the Seriously Pissed Off Grannies at Peace House, 503-281-4970 or ann@solh-salaam.com.

For more information or to endorse or cosponsor Friday's rally contact Peace and Justice Works at iraq@pjw.info or 503-236-3065, or Portland Peaceful Response Coalition at (503) 344-5078 or pprc@riseup.net .