PPRC Suspends Hosting of Friday Peace Rallies in Pioneer Courthouse Square

In light of the serious and immediate threat posed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition is indefinitely suspending its hosting of the Friday Peace Rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square. We take this step in solidarity with the frontline healthcare personnel who are daily risking their lives to care for the sick and injured of our community, to protect those most vulnerable to this deadly virus, and to reduce the very real danger of our local healthcare providers being overwhelmed by the rising numbers of cases emerging in the Portland metro area.

We urge all of our fellow Portlanders to support our local healthcare workers – doctors, nurses, nurse’s aides, janitors, medical technicians and support personnel – by abiding by Governor Kate Brown’s call to “Stay Home, Save Lives.” Many people have been identified as providing “essential services”, and we also owe it to those people to respect their sacrifices by not contributing to increasing the risk of further contagion.

PPRC looks forward to the end of the current public health crisis and emergency. Until then, please take care of one another, and that includes caring for folks suffering across the globe, whether it is from poverty, war, occupation, or political repression. Below are some of the organizations we urge you to support today:

All of these organizations have COVID-19 response programs that deserve our support:

Partners in Health

Doctors without Borders

Middle East Children's Alliance (Emergency Medical Aid for Gaza)


PCUN Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste

VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project

National Immigrant Justice Center

PPRC recognizes that there are individuals who wish to continue to be a presence on Fridays at Pioneer Courthouse Square to demonstrate for peace and justice. In suspending PPRC’s participation as host, the organization relinquishes all authority for decisions regarding these gatherings. These decisions will rest entirely with the participants themselves; this has already been the de facto practice for many years.

Stay safe!